Parish Council Report – August 2020


The August Zoom meeting opened with all 9 Parish Councillors, DC Rachel Eburne and 2 members of the public present.


Council Report:

The District Councillors’ report has been included in Telstar.  There is no report from the County Councillor again this month and he did not join the meeting.

Matters of Report:

According to Cllr Green, the reason for the incorrect positioning of the bus stop markings are due to where the ‘keep clear’ sign has been painted on the road, which the PC are aware of and only require the CC to lay a concrete hard standing for passengers to alight the bus and then link up with the footpath.  There has been an increase in prices of hardwood posts due to the USA buying up European stocks due to Covid-19.  Cllr Welham has submitted the PIIP list to MSDC.  Work has been completed on the half a mow and the churchyard hedge.  Following a site visit, it has been decided to position the bench at the rear of the area where the most recent graves are sited.  The dog poo bin has been erected on Bloor’s site.  Bloor Homes have also arranged for the joint notice board at the village hall and the notice board for Trinity Meadows to be erected free of charge.  This has received compliments both in the correspondence and verbally by a passer by who happened to be a joiner.  SCC Highways are happy to wait for the work to be carried out at the cemetery.  SCC have advised that any infringement by people in respect of the horse signs are the responsibility of the Police and needs to be reported direct to them.  All other matters are either on hold due to Covid-19 or awaiting a response.                                                                                                                                                   

Feasibility Survey:

The feasibility survey which was carried out by SCC reported quite clearly that a crossing outside the garage was unviable.  However, at the planning committee dealing with the Gladman application, SCC advised exactly the opposite and stated that a crossing could be built there.  The diagram used to illustrate this was incorrect and if it was situated as described, it would block 2 accesses to other properties.  Despite protestations from the District Councillors, the planning case officer at the committee refused to look at the feasibility survey provided by the PC.  They also ignored the Neighbourhood plan.  The PC are going to provide a copy of the survey to all the relevant authorities and if proved that this is incorrect, apply to have their fee returned. The developer will have to prove that a crossing can go in and it will have to be in place before the first property can be sold.


High School:

Following a meeting with the new facilities manager at the High School, a site visit with the contractors for Councillors is to be arranged before the end of the month.  There is a query as to where the buses are going to wait for the pupils at the end of the day whilst the bus waiting area is to be used as a compound for the contractors.



It was agreed that should provide a website for the Parish Council and a budget of up to £200 for any training needs required by the Clerk.  This is in order that the PC will be able to legally comply with all the necessary regulations in running a Council website.  It will be run by the Clerk with assistance from Cllr Studd.

Sub-Committee Reports:

Cemetery and Churchyard –  Cllr. Hayward has agreed to join Cllr Reeves on the cemetery churchyard  sub-committee. It was agreed to accept the best quotes received for work to be carried out to the front of the cemetery, provision and erection of new cemetery gates, a 4 year maintenance contract at the churchyard, work required to the 3 yew trees, the back ditch and side hedge at the churchyard and the stump removal and seeding of area where the laurels were.  A report on the creation of a labyrinth on The Green to use for prayer and meditation as requested by the PCC was discussed and it was agreed that The Green is not an appropriate place for this.

Environment – It was agreed to reinstate The Green sub-committee with a group of 4 councillors who will meet up very soon.  They have a number of issues to tackle including the ad hoc parking on The Green, lack of signage advising of no parking permitted on The Green, the area near the butcher’s shop and to monitor how the spectators social distancing is policed once the football starts again on the pitch on The Green.  As the cost of hardwood posts have virtually doubled in costs, it will be necessary to look at alternative type of posts in order to continue with the trial.

Finance and Policy – Recommendations from the committee relating to standing orders, financial regulations and social media policy were adopted.  It was also agreed to transfer money from the current account into a deposit account.

Footpaths – There have been a couple of pieces of correspondence relating to the proposed Trinity Walk link including a complaint about the removal of an oak tree.  They have only to date, been able to get one contractor to quote for the footpath so far but another name has been put forward so they will be approached and discussed further next month.

Planning – No objections were offered to the 2 individual planning applications submitted this month 


Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman has received a number of complaints about the state of the property surrounding the relatively new house in Columbyne Close and also the ongoing issue in Trinity Walk where the layby has been blocked off and no dropped kerb has been installed.  As the house in Columbyne Close is an ongoing project there is nothing that can be done about this and the layby and lack of dropped kerb in Trinity Walk is the responsibility of SCC.  


Clerk’s Report:

The Clerk has requested some storage boxes where she can store old paperwork and get them out of her house.  Some storage area is to be provided in the Village Hall as part of the renovations.


There was an enormous amount of correspondence received this month some of which has already been acknowledged earlier in this report. The Village Hall re-opening has been put back to 14th September.  SCC Trading Standards have asked to place ‘no cold calling’ notice in Hornbeam Road.  The PC were sorry to receive notice that Age UK have had to cease operations. The residents of Hunters Moon have voiced dissatisfaction about the work carried out at the end of the track.  The agreed work only included the removal of the hump which has been completed and the placing of some posts which was to be part of the post-trial which has yet to be completed.  The first 5m of the track cannot be tarmacked as the track which is private and therefore the responsibility of the residents to maintain, is over The Green.  The size of the splay at the end of the track is to SCC Highways standards.  It was agreed that the Councillors will meet to have another look at it.  The Local History Group had suggested some ideas for new road names but it was agreed that to use notable people’s name can be very problematical and best avoided.  There have been 2 separate requests for memorial trees to be planted on The Green to remember their late loved ones.  It was agreed that these should not be placed on the main areas of The Green as they need to remain open to avoid problems with grass cutting and, as the trees become much larger, will incur costs to the PC in maintaining them.  It was agreed, on this occasion only, that they could be placed in an appropriate place on the half a mow but these would be the last ones.  Some thought will be put into providing a memorial area within the cemetery where there is not enough space to use as a burial area.  The enquiry about the emergency access to Trinity Meadows is for SCC to resolve.  The new no stopping signs at the primary school have been placed by SCC Highways at all school sites.  It was agreed to donate some money for a Parish Christmas tree to be included in the Stowmarket tree festival.  There were a few bits of correspondence that did not require any action.


The meeting closed to the public at 9.50pm.

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