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  • March 2018 - There is a little more tree work to do before the leaves break. The two trees behind the cemetery building are to be taken down to open up that area.
    When you look at the building under all that green there is a very pretty building with patterned brickwork. During the year we hope to clean the building so we can all appreciate it. The side that has been cleared of Laurel will need spraying and clearing of small stumps during the year ready for seeding later in the year. There is always something that needs doing so I was sad that no one has come forward to volunteer to help with the occasional odd job. Do try to give an hour or two occasionally if you can please. Every year, in both the cemetery and churchyard, the Parish Council has to test every head stone to make sure they are firmly fixed. Colloquially it is called the “topple test” but is taken very seriously because these headstones are heavy and could cause serious harm if one was to fall on someone. Although it is the responsibility of the Parish Council to test them it is, under the Parish Council Cemetery Policy, the responsibility of the owners of the headstone to repair them. Failure to repair them and make safe means the Parish Council has the right to remove them. There were so many headstones identified this year as needing repair that the Parish Council has taken the unusual step of paying to have them all done at their cost. This is a one off and I take this opportunity to remind families visiting both the cemetery and churchyard to keep an eye on headstones and indeed edging kerbs and check for stability. Over time there seems to have been a proliferation of glass jars, and ceramic pots appearing on graves and ashes burial plots. This is potentially dangerous for our grass cutter as well as visitors as they are easily broken. The Parish Council will go through a process to have all these types of things removed. The Cemetery is designated as a Lawn Cemetery and all stone vases and flowers should be set on the plinth at foot of the head stone. If you have a loved one in the cemetery please will you remove any glass, ceramic or metal from the grave and place all flowers at the headstone by the end of April. After that date the Parish Council will remove containers and any other objects which contravene our Cemetery Policy.
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