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    Stowupland Local History Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall, IP14 4BQ unless otherwise indicated. There is an ample car park. Everyone is welcome to come along and we would love to see new members. Refreshments are available.
    Admission is £1 for members and £3 for non members and all meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Visitors are always welcome.
    For more information contact: Marion Harris email marion.harris268@gmail.com
    We look forward to seeing you. 


    Programme for Future Events

    2nd October: 'Almshouses' by Sarah Doig

    Almshouses have a long and rich history, stretching back to our medieval monasteries. Sarah Doig will chart the evolution of the almshouse, exploring the life of these institutions from the perspective of both donor and beneficiary. She will also take a look at the differing styles of architecture as well as dipping into the various rules and regulations the inhabitants had to adhere to if they were to keep their highly-prized place in the almshouse!


    Stowupland Memories

    ​​​John's Memories

    My Early Years In Stowupland

    Ponds on the Village Green



    John was born in Ipswich Hospital in 1943. He was brought home to 6 Columbyne Close within a few hours and has not left the village since, except for the odd holiday here and there. John attended Stowupland Primary School until he was eleven and then went on to Stowmarket Modern School to complete his education and left at the age of 15. He found his first job working at ICI working himself up the ladder to a supervisory position. John worked at ICI for 37 years and was able to retire at the early age of 51. He has moved house a few times but has always stayed in the village and is currently spending his retirement in Church Road. John is a member of the Indoor Bowls Team and, luckily for us, the History Group and is always being questioned about past village matters and the people who used to live here. If you want to know something about the village - Ask John!